Susan Ronan

Susan Ronan, Artist and Owner of Susan Ronan StudioFor over eighteen years, Susan Ronan Studio in Balboa Park has designed and fabricated uncommonly beautiful one of-a-kind jewelry. With over three decades of jewelry making experience, her unique artistic style has delighted countless collectors.

A Chicago native, graduate of Southern Illinois University and long time Coronado resident, her work has been featured in Allied Craftsmen Today at the Mingei Museum in San Diego, Jewelry Artist Magazine, and has won numerous awards in juried exhibitions including Best in Show at the La Jolla Festival of the Arts. She earned a degree in Interior Design but became intrigued with the design and creation of jewelry. The artist finds inspiration from organic forms and ancient Japanese metalworking techniques.

A Message from the Artist

“I never thought of myself as an artist. In elementary school my friend Jackie could draw a horse that actually looked like a horse, but I couldn’t. I could never get past thinking I had no talent for art. I didn’t let myself even try.

Interior design was my chosen field of study and I felt competent drafting perspective drawings and floor plans. But it wasn’t until later, as an adult, that I began to understand the limitations of my own self-criticism. Learning to quiet that side allowed me the freedom to create, and to find my passion as a jewelry maker and metalsmith.

Inspiration for my work comes from combining the uniqueness and beauty of nature with the range of material possibilities. A stone of a particular color may suggest what it would like to be, and my challenge is to match and mold the color, texture, and form of precious metals to create a work of art.

Every piece begins with a loose sketch. Precious metals are alloyed to create just the right color, sheet is rolled and wire is drawn. Construction is done almost entirely by hand, and I employ a variety of traditional and modern techniques to arrive at each one-of-a-kind, finished piece.

With more than 30 years of experience, I invite you to visit my studio in Balboa Park’s Spanish Village Art Center, #33.”