The Wave

The Wave, Sterling Silver Cuff

The “Wave” cuff in sterling silver.

Elegant, substantial. imposing…

Two inches wide with soft sandblasted finish

Make a statement.


The Color of the Celtic Sea

My recent trip to England brought me to beautiful Cornwall and the ruins of Tintagel Castle, the birthplace of King Arthur. What legend, what romance! Lady Guinevere, Knights of the Round Table and he himself, King Arthur. The stuff of legends.

Tintagel Castle

And the Celtic Sea… the color of this aquamarine cabochon.
Carry on the legend…

Aquamarine Cabochon

Sterling Silver setting, hand made chain of Palladium Sterling which resists tarnishing. 17 3/4 inches long and the aquamarine measures approximately 3/4 inches square. Quite a beauty!


Recharging the Batteries

ArtWalk was a great success! I talked with a lot of interesting people, shoppers and artists alike, and the weather was superb! What else can one expect in San Diego in the Spring?

Doing outdoor shows is exhausting and this one was no different… Once recovered I went back into the Studio and worked hard in preparation for a little time off in May, a trip to England!

The weather was perfect! No rain for the entire two weeks and temperatures in the high 70’s, not at all what was expected. I wore my down jacket the first few days, and by the end of the trip had worn the only short sleeved top I brought, four times! We went all over the country, at the end a trip to Buxton and Great Hucklow where we had a lovely luncheon with distant relatives (and now new friends!) and enjoyed the countryside with endless pastures of grazing sheep. Just beautiful! And most astonishing were the incredible fields of the most intense yellow flowers we had ever seen and were surprised to learn that it was Rapeseed, known more commonly as Canola. The same color as your yellow marker for highlighting, it was almost too intense to look at in the sunshine!


A visit to the Tower of London and a viewing of the Crown Jewels were just the icing on the cake! I wonder how this trip will inspire future work?

Tahitian Circle Pearls

Tahitian Circle Pearls

Tahitian Circle Pearls leave no doubts as to being naturally grown. Each one is unique in shape, color and “circles” around each pearl. Very nice luster and affordability for a naturally black pearl. The pearls range in size between 8 and 11 mm and the strand is 18.5 inches long. The handmade “signature” clasp is 14 Karat Palladium White Gold. Palladium is a Platinum family metal that I use exclusively rather than white gold that is alloyed with nickel, eliminating the potential for allergy that is so common.


Drusy Onyx Drops

Drusy Onyx Drops 1

Long Drusy Agate drops 2 1/4 inches long, stones cut by the German cutter Herman Petry. Sterling Silver
with scraffito.


Drusy Onyx Drops 2

More Drusy Onyx from Herman Petry
in Sterling Silver with
self locking ear wire.

To my greatest fan and private collector, Judy.